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Guggenheim - not to be captured
exhibition: Pictura, Dordrecht 2007
media: computer compiled photo
size: 133 x 188 cm
concept: moving in space in a static image
2007 Atlas Noordplein
commission: Deelgemeen
te Rotterdam Noord
in collaboration with: Ester van de Wiel (designer public space)
m.d.a.: Europees fonds voor Regionale ontwikkeling
2006 Dickson striking a pose in the Dutch Landscape
exhibition: Galerie Phoebus Rotterdam
2004 - 2006 Portret NL
Afstand, Maat en Schaal in het Hollands Landschap

onderzoeksproject: interdisciplinaire notatiesystemen
i.s.m. Minke Themans (grafisch ontwerper)
project / samenwerking,
Veemvloer, Amsterdamin
2005 Wereldproductenkaart
opdracht: stDSPS, de Player, Katendrecht, Haven Rotterdam
2005 RijnGouwelijn
observatie-opdracht, de sociale aspecten
opdracht: Kunstgebouw Zuid-Holland
2005 thuiskomen/heimkehr/homecoming
presentatie: Krijn Boon Studio, Productiehuis, Schouwburg, Rotterdam
opdracht: stg.Drift, Anne Karin ten Bosch (theatervormgever)
2004 City Colour Plan: Passing Witte de Withstraat
car count nr. / car parking place nr. / car (Pantone) colour nr.
exhibition: Tracer, TENT. / Witte de With, Rotterdam
media: printouts of car colours
concept: from documentation to colourfield
2004 Landscape Colour Plan: Interior / Paintings
exhibition: Post Conceptual Painting, Institute of Modern Art, Brisbane, Australia
media: mural-installation / photo prints / textwork Notes & Quotes
concept: interior landscape proposal
note: reworking part of the project “Mud Maps” (see 2002.)
2004 Landscape Colour Plan: Architecture
exhibition: Tracer, TENT. / Witte de With, Rotterdam
media: billboard and mural
concept: colourfields & pixelation
note: reworking part of the project “Mud Maps” (see 2002.)
2003 Atlas Redevelopment Teilingerstraat
commission: BKOR, Rotterdam
in collaboration with: Ester van de Wiel (designer public space)
2003 Home Sick Home
exhibition / project: Amsterdam 2000 / Heerlen 2003
concept: research into the definition of 'home'
1. media: sound map (sketch) of an empty home
2. media: questions resulting from the conversations about ‘home’
2003 Home Sick
project: Rijksakademie, Amsterdam
media: project / (sound map) installation
private installation: on my invitation, participants of the Rijksakademie met in a setting consisting of a projection and a floor plan of sounds, giving rise to a conversation about ‘home’
2003 Home
exhibition: You Are Here, Rijksakademie, Amsterdam 2000
media: project / (sound map) installation
public installation: as a setting to activate an exchange amongst the visitors: evoking thoughts about ‘home’ through spoken questions and sounds
2003 Home
exhibition: Home Sweet Home (discovering an unknown space) De Stadsgalerij, Heerlen
media: painted text work on 30 meter wall
concept: questioning the concept ‘home’
2002 Mud Maps, thanks to your landscape!
A colour / tourist plan for Kellerberrin town
exhibition (solo) / residency: IASKA, Kellerberrin, Australia
concept: to put a dying out farming town back on the map
2002 Colour Plan Interior
media: colour plane on wall (10 x 3 m), proposal for an interior: tourist information with a local Sight Seeing Tour
2002 Notes & Quotes, public quotations & personal comments
media: text work with collected remarks, notes and observations in colour codes as a kind of script, representing a social and geographical structure in time
2002 Sight Seeing Tour for city girls and boys, also for locals
performance: I gave a guided Bus Tour, to bring farmers, townies and city dwellers in contact, to look at their own landscape with different eyes
2001 Please, can I introduce you ...?
residency / project: El Despacho, Mexico City
2001 <my highest point>
media: postcards of sounds
concept: audio sources: helicopters > speed-boats > excavator > hoisting-crane > sirens > trains > car elevator for Porsches > ventilator: large > ventilators: small
2001 Home Stay not a Hotel, not a Restaurant
presentation: on a lightened advertising billboard in public space, Amsterdam
exhibition: Arti et Amicitae, Amsterdam 2001
media: graphic poster
concept: a map with 26 temporary places to stay to promote the ‘Home Stay’: living temporarily in houses of different friends
2000 Guggenheim 2x1/125
exhibition: Rijksakademie, Amsterdam 2000
media: computer compiled photo
size: 133 x 188 cm
concept: moving in space in a static image
2000 Windless
exhibition: Trading Spirit, Studio Venticinque, Milan
media: row of photos with subtitles text
presentation 1: live slide & sound show, de Unie, Manifesta, Rotterdam 1996
presentation 2: a travel guide
concept: a travel story from my studio to my house
1999 Homewards!
exhibition: Unlimited.nl-2 (guest curator: Hou Hanru), de Appel, Amsterdam
media: computer-manipulated press photo at / summary of the installation Homewards!
concept: a blind date under any lamppost and actually meeting each other? every pole in Holland has its own code
1999 My first visit to New York
invitation / project: Jeanne van Heeswijk, Hotel New York, PS1, New York 1999
media: ‘reply cards’ with personal experiences collected into a unique travel guide
publication: ‘artists’ pages in catalogue I am Looking for space and fortune, published by Artimo, 2001
concept: research on the myths of New York, based on experiences of residents and tourists, exploring a different New York
1999 Screen Saver Dordrecht
invitation / project: Alicia Framis, Loneliness in the City, a portrait of the city designed for video screens on the tent of Dré Wapenaar, Dordrecht
media graphic video: boat-names sail through the image which behaves like a slow orange iris
media light-installation: streetlights in a ‘hofje’ (small courtyard) change colour, inviting passing inhabitants
1996 Jenny’s Empty Home
exhibition / project: My House : Your Home, Manifesta 1, Stichting B.a.d Rotterdam
media: installation, wood / canvas / hinges
concept: a possibility for cocooning, with video-escape facility on 4 square meters, extending to 28,4 square meters
1996 Homewards!
media: collecting, arranging, A4 lay-out
concept: route from the metro to my home, collecting all numbers and codes
En alleen de vogels vliegen van Oost naar West Berlijn, Germany, Berlin, (Songtext: Klein Orkest)